Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Did Kanye West wear earrings in this video?

A video of the American rapper Kanye West has become viral on social media, but for a very unpleasant reason.

The video, shared by the user Twitter @ j0gecastr0, first surprised by the irony of Kanye West, then brought those same fingers to his mouth, even showing that the rapper was wearing his own earrings.

In the video, we see Kana standing in the crowd, filmed at a music service on Sunday.

"So, I did not realize it, but I got a video from @KennyWest," wrote @ j0rgecastr0 when he shared the video, which has already been shared more than 26,000 times on Twitter.

Does the American reaper really eat his nerves? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Iranian President Rouhani has ordered the resumption of nuclear research and development.

TEHRAN: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday ordered the withdrawal of all frontiers from nuclear research and development, the third step to maintain the country's commitment to an agreement between 20 countries with world powers.

The announcement comes shortly after US sanctions. UU. They will indicate the Islamic Republic, the latest in a series of defensive measures, including sanctions on Iran's oil exports.

Since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump last May, Iran and three European countries, Britain, France and Germany, are in talks to reduce tensions and save the deal. nuclear.

However, on Wednesday evening, Rouhani announced its intention to go one step further since the multilateral agreement with Germany (P5 + 1) permanently justifying the five UN Security Councils.

"I just announced the third step," he told public television.

"The Nuclear Energy Organization has been charged with taking immediate action on research and development in Iran and abandoning the promise made in research and development," he said.

He mentioned "expansion, centrifuges, different types of new centrifuges and what needs to be enriched" in research and development.

In July, Iran abandoned two other nuclear commitments: maintain uranium reserves at less than 5 kg and maintain its uranium stock at 6.6767%.

Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday: "I do not think ... we will reach an agreement."

However, the Iranian president said Tehran and the European powers are getting closer to an agreement on how to solve the burning problem.

He said: "If we have had 20 problems of disagreement with Europeans in the past, today there are three problems.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who met with Trump in France last month, encouraged him to provide financial incentives to Tehran and jeopardized the possibility of a meeting between the presidents of the United States and Iran .

Trump said on Wednesday that he was interested in meeting Rouhani, although the Iranian leader traveled to New York for the UN General Assembly.

"Of course, anything is possible," Trump told reporters.

United States Sanctions Agency

But Rouhani has already canceled a summit without sanctions relief and Wednesday, the Trump government issued its third sanctions against Iran in less than a week.

Last year, the Ministry of Finance announced on its blacklist that it sold to the Iranian elite oil from the Revolutionary Guards Code Force, which placed 16 companies, 10 men and 11 ships on its list. blacklist.

This spring, the network sold more than $ 500 million worth of oil, mainly to Syria, for President Bashar al-Assad and Lebanese ally Hezbollah, the finance department said.

The measure shows Washington's position on reducing sanctions, said a US official.

"We can not say further that we are subject to the most pressing propaganda and that we do not want to be exempted or exempted," Iran's Foreign Ministry coordinator Brian Hook told reporters.

Iran said it would return to fully respect the nuclear deal after reaching a $ 5 billion credit line with France, which will return after oil recovery in oil exports.

The United States is currently trying to avoid this national acknowledgment by unilateral sanctions.

Huck himself refuses to criticize the line of credit, saying there is no "solid" suggestion.

The "part" of the tanker crew was released.

A few days after the visit to France, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Argouchei rejected the renewal of agreement number 28, known as the Joint Global Action Plan (GCPOA).

According to the national news agency IRNA, Araguchi said about the national news agency IRNA, "to limit Iran's commitment four months after the return to full implementation of the law GCPOA". The process will continue to receive $ 5 billion. "

The Trump administration is strongly opposed to any reduction in pressure under pressure, saying its goal is not only the Iranian nuclear program, but also to end the influence of a religious state in the Middle East.

Iran has long threatened that if the non-trading parties

Hospital waste is washed away by Clifton Beach.

KARACHI: Hazardous waste as well as surgical procedures and blood specimens and other corrosion specimens used at Clifton Beach continued to wash the coast on Wednesday.

During the day, when students from various educational institutions arrive at the beach and try to collect hazardous waste, doctors and the media advised them to clean the complex without adequate security.

On Wednesday, hundreds of syringes and other hospital waste were seen on the beach, including the sidewalk area. The authorities were not able to remove garbage, some families and people were seen walking barefoot on the beach, and social workers and media were asked to wear shoes or to be present before to reach the beach. To avoid because this place presents a risk of hazardous waste for the health.

Medical waste was brought to the attention of the average man and officials, Shanira Akram, wife of former cricket star Waseem Akram, who posted videos and photos of lustful syringes and other garbage. hospital on the beach Tuesday morning, He forced the head of ministers Syed Murad Ali Shah and his adviser to consider the environmental situation.

The Clifton Cantonment Council and the Defense Housing Authority did the same day cleaning the beach, but the situation was not the same. When students from different schools and universities were taken to the beach to clean up the area, they saw more syringes and hospital waste from the mall at the other end, not realizing that the needles and syringes opened in the picnic arena. They went. About the presence

"Today they asked us to practice cleaning the beach and provided us with plastic gloves, but when we got to Clifton we found more syringes and tubes. journalists, some people, including the media, told us not to do it. " because it could be dangerous for us, said Aziz Ahmed, a ninth grade student.

The visitors were surprised to learn that the clause had been published to prevent people from going to the beach, while many said they were not aware of the use of needles and open syringes. on the beach. There were no signs or people there. pay attention.

At the same time, Shanira continued to talk about the garbage on the hospital's rubbish beach, saying, "The CBC should not just do the cleaning, but the hazardous medical waste comes from the city and we need We need to know what they look like. " will end on our beach

Now is the time to act, to meet and to use what happened. 80% is not good for me and it is certainly not so good for the people of this city. This problem can not be avoided by cleaning the beach, we must tackle the problem directly, "he added.

He also tweeted that Murtaza Wahab, the province's environmental advisor, should call him directly "if you really believe my tweet is negative and there are only a few syringes left in your hand." It's not time to change our mistake He should, it's time for us "We must all work together to do the right thing for the city and the people. "

Friday, July 26, 2019

ATC sentences Rajanpur criminals to 298 years in prison

A Dera Ghazi Khan anti-terrorist court sentenced Friday the pioneer and two people from Chotu Gang to 298 years in prison for their assault on a police headquarters in Rajanpur in 2011.

The leader of the group, Ghulam Rasool, took the name of Chotu. Two different people should serve a 298-year prison sentence and pay a fine of 0.2 million rupees each. Another criminal, Ghulam Rasool Kahu, will be held for a long time.

Three suspects were the best hypotheses and justified.

As the indictment indicates, the Chotu Gang group assaulted a police picket at the Bangla Ucha police site in 2011. ASI Nadeem Mazari and Asif Langri were executed in the episode, while three other officers were injured. They also abducted eight policemen under the threat of firearms.

Police demanded to present Challan in case of damage to Rawal Lake

An enemy of the court he tried to fear Friday asked the police to present the challan in the case of damage to Rawal Lake.

The problem caught the eye after the discovery of many dead fish in Rawal Lake in 2018. It was said that the cause of death was material damage. A set of evidence was registered against four people for the situation by a contract worker. The suspects were accused of staining the water to kill the fish. The contracting officer stated that the assumptions used to catch the fish and suggest that he bring the bacon home, however, ceased to do so after the fisheries division granted the fishing agreement.

Maryam stops watching before jumping and calls the PML-N government uncomfortable

An accommodating suggestion for those planning to share news via web-based media or elsewhere is to constantly read what they share first.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz did not understand this advice and fell into a humiliating situation.

She shared (and then deleted) photos of documents highlighting the financial limitations of the administration, including one of the Express Tribune entitled "The Expenditure Limit of Pakistan has lost all credibility: the World Bank." Unfortunately for Maryam, she did not look at the fine print to determine which plan of expenditure caused Pakistan to lose its validity.

The story really hinted at the spending plans put in place between the 2016-16 and 2017-18 fiscal years, when the PML-N was in power. He wrote his tweet "the real activities of the inept and the ineligible".

As stated in the article, "the Pakistani financial limit has also lost its validity and the open account showing that the executive has also declined, as indicated by a draft World Bank report that has reduced the country's position of virtually every one of the 31 indicators related to administration. "

He said the findings of the World Bank report "reflect a very drab demonstration by the Ministry of Finance that has failed to fulfill its duty and has allowed monetary standards to be abused."

People went crazy on Twitter, mocking Maryam for jumping to the extreme. He immediately deleted the tweet, but not before Twitterati took screenshots.

IIC contacts Popalzai to determine the moon that sets the debate

The Council of Islamic Ideology contacted Mufti Shahabuddin Popalzai, leader of a private location panel on the moon of the most established mosque in Peshawar, to determine the argument about the location of the moons Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha.

CIC will ask Mufti Popalzai to meet with the Pakistan Meteorological Department. The meeting aims to respond to Mufti Popalzai's concerns about the location of the moon.

Placing the moon in front of the main Islamic manifestations (such as Eid, Ramazan or Muharram) is an opportunity in Pakistan. People wait for basket committees that the Ruet-e-Hilal committee determines whether the moon has been located or not. He collects data from his sub-councils in the common capitals and the basic council chooses whether the moon has been located or not. SUPARCO groups and the Pakistan Meteorological Department also met with the advisory group to locate the moon.

Maulana Shahabuddin Popalzai declared the beginning of Ramazan several days before the moon's location council led by mufti Muneebur Rehman.

The issue between Rehman and Popalzai's councils split the nation, with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government having observed Eidul Fitr on June 4, several days before the entire nation.